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stu022488 Saturday 25th June 2016 20:37

Stella Cherry not looking so great
So I have a variety of fruit trees in my back yard. This spring I bought a Stella Cherry tree and planted it between my pear and peach tree. Anyhow it was looking good however it has slowly progressed to a worsen state of the past couple weeks. The hole I dug had soil that settled and the tree bulb ended up sinking about an inch below the rest of the ground causing water to pool up around the root bulb. I re-dug up the tree about three weeks ago and placed it a little above ground so that water would not pool over the tree and then added mulch to the above soil. We have had a very dry spring and summer and only had a couple good rainfalls in the spring and only 1 in the past 3 weeks (and it has been high 80 degree weather). I am not sure if the tree is underwatered or overwatered and have been scarce on watering because I know my soil is a little clayey and cherries do not like damp soil. It started to look bad in the drought we were having however after the few rainfalls or watering it looks even worse. It has not rained in two weeks and I watered it the other day (a 10 second soak with the shower setting on the hose). Anyhow I guess I am wondering why the tree is dying. The people said at the nursery I bought it from that they are watering their stellas once a week if not more however I have not been watering nearly as much. The moisture meter I bought says my soil is "wet-moist" so I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have included some pictures for inquiring minds. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The soil is clay after about a foot down however I have drainage pipe a few feet from this tree. The pears, apples, sour cherry and peach are all doing great so far.

Also any tips I had on my peach tree about thirty peaches and it was looking great. I came out the other morning and I had branches broken off and not a peach left on the tree. It looks ransacked. Would it be squirrels I have had deer eating the lower branches of the pear and apple I believe. Any tips for dealing with these pests?

stu022488 Saturday 25th June 2016 21:08

Also I do not know if this means anything but I pulled a yellow leaf off and put a light to it. It would not burn and emitted a lot of smoke which I am guessing means that the leaf still has a lot of moisture in it which means the plant is most likely over watered which is absolutely amazing if true with the weather we have had and how little I have actually supplemented the watering of it.

Kits Sunday 26th June 2016 12:22

Welcome to Gardener's Forum from Admin and the Moderators.

Are you sure that the water meter is accurate? If the nursery are watering their trees at least once a week, maybe you could try that to see if it helps?

What other wild life do you have in your area? It could well be squirrel damage on your peach tree. Can you erect a wire cage around it to prevent animals getting at it?

G6 UXU Monday 27th June 2016 15:53

Hello Stu and welcome to the forum, enjoy and all the best.

stu022488 Tuesday 28th June 2016 17:02

Hey thank you all. The cherry tree looks worse day to day. I am almost wondering if the roots rotted. I am fairly sure the soil was to wet and the water meter was correct as I tested in a couple different types of soils that I new were dry, moist and wet. I uncovered the mulch in hopes of drying the soil out. We will see if that brings it back. If not I might just have to wait until next spring.

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