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Jennifer Wednesday 26th October 2016 21:33

Portable Greenhouse

I'm seeking advice, please, about the best way to store my plants (mostly succulents, jade, coleus, wandering jew, spider, and the like) during the winter months.

I live in southwest Virginia and, currently, the plants are on the outdoor patio of my apartment. Unfortunately, there is no room in my apartment for all of the plants, so I am considering purchasing a portable greenhouse.

I welcome any suggestions for the best portable greenhouse for a small, cement patio.

Thank you!

Kits Wednesday 26th October 2016 22:36

Welcome to Gardener's Forum from Admin and the Moderators, Jennifer.

Although this is from Amazon UK, I am sure that you will be able to get something similar in Virginia.

Plastic greenhouse

Do you get heavy frosts in your area? I am sorry I don't know much about the climate in Virginia.

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