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jpscloud Sunday 14th August 2011 11:06

Open air theatre at Bridgemere Gardens
Last night I took my Mum to see Illyria perform Twelfth Night open air in Bridgemere Gardens - it was magical! So lovely to have Shakespeare performed with such a beautiful backdrop with the wind rustling the trees and a lovely sunset and equally lovely moonrise. It was a bit cool after sunset so we were glad we'd taken fleece blankets but the weather actually stayed very nice for us!

Kits Sunday 14th August 2011 12:51

Oh how lovely, jp. We are going to see A Midsummer Night's Dream at our local NT house on Saturday. We have been before to the open air theatre there, and know that it gets very chilly.

Kits Sunday 21st August 2011 11:39

We were lucky that the weather improved yesterday for our trip to see AMND! Like you, jp, there was a pretty sunset. At one point they had to pause on stage as flocks of geese flew overhead honking loudly on their way back to the wetlands for the night. Oberon glanced upwards and waved to them all. =)

jpscloud Sunday 21st August 2011 17:55

Ohh that sounds absolutely lovely Kits! I did sort of wish Illryia were doing AMND but Twelfth Night was really well done and we laughed all the way through. Glad the weather was kind to you too!

Kits Sunday 21st August 2011 21:02

I like Twelfth Night too. I did it for O level!

Annemon Tuesday 19th July 2016 09:44

That sounds lovely. I haven't visited the place yet, hope to visit sometime soon.

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