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annafricangrey Sunday 3rd August 2008 13:53

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heres a better view of the planter and the chamomile


msmum Thursday 7th August 2008 19:49

Went by friends' new house this evening - saw the lillies they want out of their pond and holy cow - the leaves on them are huge - and it looks so healthy - nice strong green lily pads. Also some other plants in there that I might photograph and post here to ensure they are good for the pond :) (I know NOTHING about pond plants other than they can look very nice). I wont have a problem getting 70% coverage with these 'extra' lillies - I think my fish will be very happy :) Will be getting them on the weekend.

annafricangrey Thursday 7th August 2008 19:55

excellent news


Kits Thursday 7th August 2008 20:29

Sounds good, Msmum.

lakercapt Thursday 7th August 2008 21:09

My lilly leaves are 9" diameter and look very healthy. There are several flowers and new buds growing.
At the start of the season I bought one water hyacinth and water lettice. They have multiplied to such an extent I have to pull out some each day and add them to the compost.
Only fertilizer I use is from the fish poo!!!

Kits Thursday 7th August 2008 21:10

You obviously have a very healthy pond there, Bill.

msmum Thursday 7th August 2008 21:25

Well, whenever I need pond inspiration - I have your pic to look at Laker! I keep looking at all areas of our garden and wanting to improve this, improve that....then I remember what it looked like when we moved in.........but I can't wait to get some plants looking good in the pond - they just bring it to life.

I may need to get some more fish to generate more fish poo......

lakercapt Thursday 7th August 2008 23:26

Our garden is still a work in progress but its now in the 7th year.
It was a major challenge as its very sandy soil and several truck loads of topsoil on top of what the builder put down. Then there were the skids of sod and that was only for the lawn. Ah well looks fine now but still room for inprovement when we see how that plants are maturing.

msmum Thursday 7th August 2008 23:29

I think that anybody who enjoys gardening, ALWAYS has a work in progress with their gardens. Doesn't matter how beautiful it looks to others, there's always something else that's in the works.......either mentally or physically. But then - that's one of the reasons I enjoy gardening - it's ever changing :)

SweetCicely Friday 19th June 2009 17:11

What a nice thread to look back on, some lovely pics of ponds and plants. We are building ours tomorrow, the first time I have ever had a pond in the garden. =)

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