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Honesty Saturday 27th June 2009 00:30

How's your pond, SC?

SweetCicely Tuesday 30th June 2009 13:17

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The pond is still under construction but we are about ready to lay the liner and fill it up. I can't wait to get on with the planting, its a wildlife pond and I only want to grow native plants. I've already got Purple Loosestrife, Comfrey and a common Bistort to plant on the sides. Lady's Smock appeals as does Marsh Marigold and Ragged Robin. I've got other plants in mind and am hoping I have enough room for all that I want to grow!!
'How to make a Wildlife Garden' by Chris Baines and 'Gardening with Wild Plants' by Julian Slatcher, have been essential reading in creating our pond, I would definitely recommend the books to anyone interested in making a wildlife pond.

Kits Tuesday 30th June 2009 18:10

Looking good, Cicely!

Val Tuesday 30th June 2009 22:09

Nice pond, Cicely.

SweetCicely Tuesday 21st July 2009 12:55

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Pond is now completed and planted up, probably overplanted but no problem as my brother will benefit when he eventually builds his =)
The day after we completed, we had a little visitor, amazing!! =D

Val Tuesday 21st July 2009 16:10

Lovely to get a visitor so quickly, SweetCicely, it's amazing how a frog can find a pond, where there wasn't one before.

Kits Tuesday 21st July 2009 16:29

Lovely, SC! I am sure you will get lots of pleasure from your pond.

edenhorticultural Monday 5th October 2020 09:36

Ponds are pond liners made of plastic or fibreglass that are moulded into the desired shape. Building companies utilize this in order to determine the design that will complement your environment while also ensuring a comfortable environment for wildlife. They are also utilized in areas where the soil is too loose to hold the water for the pond.

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