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msmum Saturday 2nd August 2008 15:18

Pond ideas, suggestions....
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My pond.....oh what to do with it! I want some plant coverage IN the pond - so looking to get some lillies and other varieties to create a more natural habitat for the fish. Where the fountain is, I want to build a rock wall or somesuch thing and have the water coming out of it. For surrounding the pond - we had those old pavers around it when it was round, and they were cut to shape for it. But I don't know that I want those, but obviously, you can see I need SOMETHING there....any suggestions, ideas more than welcome!

Oh, the coffee cup in the bird bath....just in case they need a little caffeine :)

annafricangrey Saturday 2nd August 2008 16:16

pond looks a good size, very big and airated by the waterfall

i am goinf to try and get some photos of my pond plants, i do find generally that pond plants are expensive

i have some spare if you are down this way

or will they go in the post?


annafricangrey Saturday 2nd August 2008 16:47

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heres what i have in the pond

msmum Saturday 2nd August 2008 17:19

Thanks Ann :) I much prefer the rougher edges with the various rocks and stones like that. It's just a pain in the whatsit when you're mowing the grass, as even the weedwhacker kicks up the grass blades and they all get into the pond.

We extended ours out on a whim a couple of months ago, and have just not gotten around to finishing it.

Re the plants - any excuse for another visit :) But......hubby has just been helping a friend of ours move this afternoon - and apparently he has a large 'overgrown' pond out back that he is wanting to clear out!!!!!! There is supposedly just loads of waterlillies and other vegetation in there that he wants to get out, so........I may have a whole load of plants for my pond now :) I'll be going to their new place tomorrow and will have to have a look!

annafricangrey Saturday 2nd August 2008 18:03

hey that sounds good


Kits Saturday 2nd August 2008 23:13

Lovely ponds, ladies. =)

annafricangrey Sunday 3rd August 2008 12:59

why thankyou kits!

ms mum, there are three ponds in my pics

the first is a huge (and very old) copper pot which has tall spear shaped leaves with a blue flower, this pot is independent of the rest of the ponds, i have charcoal in the base and it keeps clear all on its own!

the 'top' pond is quite shallow and has LOTs of plants in, varigated grasses, irises, water mint etc, the water is pumped through this pond and travels to the lower pond

where the fish are

water lilies, which shade the pond for the fish, and more irises in here

i have alchemolla mollis which hides this hard edge quite well

hope you are successful with getting some pond plants


annafricangrey Sunday 3rd August 2008 13:03

[quote=msmum;14933]Thanks Ann :) I much prefer the rougher edges with the various rocks and stones like that. It's just a pain in the whatsit when you're mowing the grass, as even the weedwhacker kicks up the grass blades and they all get into the pond.


i know what you mean

in front of the stone and fossil collection i have set a brick 'mowing edge' you cant see it very well in the photo but its there which means i can zip along the front edge without having to move anything.

this edge continues along to larger stones which form a low raised bed containing chamomile, lovely to sit on and watch the pond!!


msmum Sunday 3rd August 2008 13:07

Hmmmm, I have to admit - I never did get a really good look at your garden - the cooking aroma indoors was too good to leave :) I like the idea of a low raised bed around the pond........I'm wanting to do this while I'm off for the need to decide on something soon.

annafricangrey Sunday 3rd August 2008 13:19

behind the pond we have a little 'wild' bit of garden

stinging nettles, piles of logs, toad hotel, bark. places for the newts to hide away as well as whoever else want to

this is a STRICT no go area for the children unless an adult accompanies them as a false step could squish something! or they could get stung!!!

lots of wildlife friendly bits and pieces. my planters there are mostly metal which seems to keep the slugs off the plants

we are lucky enough to have stag beetles living there in a huge chunk of white willow

i would say get a framework of what you would like

then the place evolves from there

but you are right the basic structure need in place first

good luck


annafricangrey Sunday 3rd August 2008 13:53

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heres a better view of the planter and the chamomile


msmum Thursday 7th August 2008 19:49

Went by friends' new house this evening - saw the lillies they want out of their pond and holy cow - the leaves on them are huge - and it looks so healthy - nice strong green lily pads. Also some other plants in there that I might photograph and post here to ensure they are good for the pond :) (I know NOTHING about pond plants other than they can look very nice). I wont have a problem getting 70% coverage with these 'extra' lillies - I think my fish will be very happy :) Will be getting them on the weekend.

annafricangrey Thursday 7th August 2008 19:55

excellent news


Kits Thursday 7th August 2008 20:29

Sounds good, Msmum.

lakercapt Thursday 7th August 2008 21:09

My lilly leaves are 9" diameter and look very healthy. There are several flowers and new buds growing.
At the start of the season I bought one water hyacinth and water lettice. They have multiplied to such an extent I have to pull out some each day and add them to the compost.
Only fertilizer I use is from the fish poo!!!

Kits Thursday 7th August 2008 21:10

You obviously have a very healthy pond there, Bill.

msmum Thursday 7th August 2008 21:25

Well, whenever I need pond inspiration - I have your pic to look at Laker! I keep looking at all areas of our garden and wanting to improve this, improve that....then I remember what it looked like when we moved in.........but I can't wait to get some plants looking good in the pond - they just bring it to life.

I may need to get some more fish to generate more fish poo......

lakercapt Thursday 7th August 2008 23:26

Our garden is still a work in progress but its now in the 7th year.
It was a major challenge as its very sandy soil and several truck loads of topsoil on top of what the builder put down. Then there were the skids of sod and that was only for the lawn. Ah well looks fine now but still room for inprovement when we see how that plants are maturing.

msmum Thursday 7th August 2008 23:29

I think that anybody who enjoys gardening, ALWAYS has a work in progress with their gardens. Doesn't matter how beautiful it looks to others, there's always something else that's in the works.......either mentally or physically. But then - that's one of the reasons I enjoy gardening - it's ever changing :)

SweetCicely Friday 19th June 2009 17:11

What a nice thread to look back on, some lovely pics of ponds and plants. We are building ours tomorrow, the first time I have ever had a pond in the garden. =)

Honesty Saturday 27th June 2009 00:30

How's your pond, SC?

SweetCicely Tuesday 30th June 2009 13:17

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The pond is still under construction but we are about ready to lay the liner and fill it up. I can't wait to get on with the planting, its a wildlife pond and I only want to grow native plants. I've already got Purple Loosestrife, Comfrey and a common Bistort to plant on the sides. Lady's Smock appeals as does Marsh Marigold and Ragged Robin. I've got other plants in mind and am hoping I have enough room for all that I want to grow!!
'How to make a Wildlife Garden' by Chris Baines and 'Gardening with Wild Plants' by Julian Slatcher, have been essential reading in creating our pond, I would definitely recommend the books to anyone interested in making a wildlife pond.

Kits Tuesday 30th June 2009 18:10

Looking good, Cicely!

Val Tuesday 30th June 2009 22:09

Nice pond, Cicely.

SweetCicely Tuesday 21st July 2009 12:55

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Pond is now completed and planted up, probably overplanted but no problem as my brother will benefit when he eventually builds his =)
The day after we completed, we had a little visitor, amazing!! =D

Val Tuesday 21st July 2009 16:10

Lovely to get a visitor so quickly, SweetCicely, it's amazing how a frog can find a pond, where there wasn't one before.

Kits Tuesday 21st July 2009 16:29

Lovely, SC! I am sure you will get lots of pleasure from your pond.

edenhorticultural Monday 5th October 2020 09:36

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