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DougandHollie Sunday 1st September 2019 18:05

Vine with egg shaped/sized pod id
Hey everyone,
I have a vine that I need help with. I don't have a picture but it should be easy for you guys. I am a complete novice at this stuff so please forgive me. My wife and I have some land that we like to have gardens on and plant stuff for the wildlife to eat (deer, turkeys, and birds). We recently cleared an area and planted some soybeans for the wildlife but have this invasive vine type of thing growing. Key features are purple flower with lots of pedals and a green egg shaped, egg sized pod groning on it. If you step on them they will make a popping sound. Any info on this would be appreciated, especially if it's good for anything and if not how to get rid of it. I have several other id's I need help with but will need to take some pictures for those. Thank you

d.steeley Sunday 1st September 2019 21:00

Hi, a photo or two would be a great help. Could it be a type of Passiflora? See link below.


DougandHollie Monday 2nd September 2019 15:22

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I believe that is it Dave. I do have a pic of it now that I will post so you can confirm with me. I will also post another of the yellow flowers that grow next to them. Hopefully you will know what that is as well. All of this stuff came up after clearing this so it's kind of wierd to me.

d.steeley Monday 2nd September 2019 18:22

Hi, yes that is Passiflora. I'm not sure about the yellow flower but a possibility is Thermopsis villosa aka Carolina Lupine.


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