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wombwelltranqillity Monday 19th May 2008 20:02

Blanket weed
this is a open diccussion to find your resolves for my little problem that im having this year and i run a uv green genie.

msmum Monday 19th May 2008 21:36

Have you tested the ph level of the water? It should be neutral (6.5 - 7.5). The best attack on blanket weed is to do a winter cleanout of the pond. Get rid of all the sludge and 'nutrients' at the bottom of the pond. This is giving the algae nutrition to grow, and as the plants may still be dormant, they're not using the nutrients and depriving the algae of it yet. Do you have much plant coverage? I'm still working my plant coverage up - as they say there should be 75% leaf coverage of the water - and by doing that the plants will soak up the nutrients leaving not much for the algae and blanketweed to use.
If you have concrete fixtures (waterfalls, walls etc.) or river rock in your pond - this will increase the ph levels of your pond greatly - so a more watchful eye on the ph balance is necessary!

And we thought ponds were relaxing......

lakercapt Tuesday 20th May 2008 02:56

Was there a big posting on this subject earlier in the water gardens forum.?
I am forced to use a chemical aglaecide which works until the water lillies cover most of the surface area plus another couple of waterplants (hyacinths etc)

Kits Tuesday 20th May 2008 10:31

Yep - this subject has been covered in the thread about ponds. Quite a bit of interesting information. =)

Prof Tuesday 20th May 2008 20:17

I tend to periodically take it out of the tiny pond with a small net (aquarium type).


wombwelltranqillity Saturday 24th May 2008 08:07

Hears 1 my mate breeds koi carp and he swear's by using cooking salt which slows the growth of the blanketweed and has no effect with his fish. So I phoned my mate at Hampsons at wakefield and he too said to me steve you've just found the secret for having a great pond when u use a uv but he would still recommend no uv and let it sort itself out. Things you do for fish.

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