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Kits Sunday 5th April 2009 14:41

Kits' Kitchen Garden
I started on the seeds today. I have sown courgette and mange tout - my runaway winners last year! - and then I stopped as I don't have enough space on the utility window sill to add any more. I have carrot and parsnip ready and waiting for when I can put the cold frame back out.

I thought I would keep this as a diary of how it all goes. :spinny:

LynM Sunday 5th April 2009 15:52

Sounds good, Kits. I've put in a few tomatoes and some salad leaves and they are on the spare bedroom windowsill, (which is a nice wide one into a bay) and the salad bits have sprouted already and I only put them in on Friday!

Shall look forward to reading the diary as everything progresses.

John N Sunday 5th April 2009 18:25

Looking good Kits. I have now got Toms ,cabbage, Onions, Peas, spring onions, Peppers, lettuce and broad beans planted.

Kits Sunday 5th April 2009 18:38

Ah, Lyn! You have given me an idea. I can use the windowsill in the dressing room as it faces exactly the same way as the utility!

judimac Sunday 5th April 2009 18:41

My window sills in the lounge and kitchen are full, as are the porch! I am hoping the 2 coldframes and greenhouse will help!

John N Sunday 5th April 2009 19:42

It does not matter how much space you have got. I still find there is never enough.

Val Sunday 5th April 2009 22:55

Sounds good Kits. We haven't done anything yet, OH has been to crook to bother, but maybe next week.

Peewit Sunday 5th April 2009 23:28

Lots of interest going on there Kits.

Love to see that it all progresses for you over the coming months. =]

Chrisl1966 Wednesday 8th April 2009 12:00

The onions and garlic are in the raised bed since the Autumn. I am hoping for an early harvest. I also planted white radish, salad, spinach, beetroot and black Tuscan kale. The tomatos , cucumbers, chillies and Aubergine are still on the window sill. I am hoping they can go into their tubs in May. I have also bought (I know I'm cheating) a Welsh onion that sits in a large pot. The potatoes are in their grow bags for a week now. The rocket , cut back in Autumn, has over wintered nicely and we are harvesting it already.

Blackthumb Thursday 9th April 2009 16:15

I have onions in a container on the patio and some herbs: lemon thyme, sage, and catnip.

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