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SAHMER Monday 2nd July 2018 09:52

Sibleys Patio Quince: no fruit
I've had a Sibleys patio quince for a few years now. It seems generally healthy and blooms prolifically every Spring. The problem is that it either never produces fruit or drops fruit in the early stages of formation. Can you offer any advice? Why is it doing this, and how can I encourage it to fruit next year? Would it do better out of a pot? Am I over/under-watering? I'm at a loss!
Many thanks :)

Kits Monday 2nd July 2018 11:20

Welcome to Gardener's Forum from Admin and the Moderators.

Did you get growing instructions with your quince when you bought it? I believe they should be fed in March. Is it pot bound? I think they should be well watered, but allow the soil to dry out slightly between watering. Is the pot well drained?

SAHMER Monday 2nd July 2018 11:32

Thanks for your quick reply ... yes, I did get (very minimal) growing instructions with the quince, which I have been following to the letter - basically just keep well watered, don't allow it to get pot bound, prune if necessary etc. It was a gift, so any additional info may just have been discarded. I've also fed the quince in early spring for the last couple of years - just with a fairly generic all purpose fertiliser, and a top dressing of compost from my compost bin. I have wondered whether it was getting pot bound (hence my query about whether it would do better planted in the ground) but although it might be getting close to that point now it hasn't been the case in previous years. Perhaps I'm over-watering, although the pot drains well.
I have noticed that the pot seems to be a real favourite with ants - are they likely to cause issues?
Thanks for your help!

Kits Monday 2nd July 2018 16:41

It is unlikely that ants will be causing any problems.

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