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Tomato Growing

Yes, I know toms are really a fruit, but never mind!

I read about germinating tomatoes from slices and thought I would give it a go. I sliced a Jubilee tomato (from Sainsbury's, other supermarkets are available), laid the slices on damp compost in a seed tray and left it on the draining board in our utility room, which is SW facing and gets plenty of sun. Within a few days, the seeds started to sprout. I now have loads of seedlings. It is going to be fun separating them out into pots later. All I am doing is making sure the compost stays damp and turning the tray so the seedlings don't lean too much towards the light.

Next time I do it, I shall just do one slice as I think I shall be giving away tommy plants to all and sundry.

Good fun!
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