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Originally Posted by quercus View Post
Gentley twirl it around a rake... and it should come out.... leave it in a horrid pile next to the pond overnight (in case there's any wee beasties in there), then compost it............... It 'll be just as bad next week... but once the pond settles down it should be less of a problem
Will do! Thanks, Querky!

Originally Posted by d.steeley View Post
OOPS, shouldn't it be under the water then Kits?
You are quite right it should be! However, it keeps coming to the top and I don't know how to make it stay at the bottom! The garden men chopped that chunk off for me, and put it in the bottom of the pond. Once the pond was filled, the blooming thing floated!

Originally Posted by Chrisl1966 View Post
Or you could get liquid barley straw from your water garden supplier. I find it easier than the barley straw in tights jobbie.

By the way Kits, I have found an excellent supplier of native water plants in our area. They are called The Water Garden I have found them to be very knowledgable and helpful. We bought a Butomus Umbellatus (Flowering rush) and some Menyanthes trifoliata (Bog bean) from them last week-end.
Excellento! Will try the liquid barley straw and have made a note of the Water Garden for a visit. Thanks, Chris! (PS You and OH will have to come round soon to inspect the garden work! )

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