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Hi, have you tried mowing them off, do they return at all? I suspect that they are either:

Seedlings growing from seeds produced by a nearby tree


A nearby tree has roots that run shallowly beneath the surface of the lawn and if caught by the mower blades, are able to send up new shoots. Do you know what trees/large shrubs you have growing nearby? Suspects could be Willow, Cherry and Poplar.


You could mow regularly, if you do and they persist try treating them with a weedkiller such as Glyphosate Gel applied carefully only to the weed/plants. Alternatively apply a selective lawn weedkiller such as 'Resolva Lawn Weedkiller' to the whole of the affected area. This type of weedkiller will not harm grass but will kill broadleaved plants such as your weeds.

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