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I've also got many of the plants mentioned as they are also good nectar plants for butterflies.
Early nectar for bees which has been very successful in my garden, is the yellow and orange winter flowering pansies that have been flowering since last autumn and will continue to do so until late spring. Another good source is the winter flowering Clematis 'cirrhosa var. balearica, it flowers from late Winter to early Spring. I've noticed the bees here are prefering these flowers to the wild primroses I have, probably because of their very bright colours.
The Cotoneaster I have sprawled across the front of our house can be swarming with bees in Spring making a very loud humming sound when opening the front door, amazing sound!
A few Lavenders in the garden are also very successful at attracting bees, so many plants it's hard to choose but I do know its up to us, the gardeners to do our bit for preserving our wildlife!!
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