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Palm help!


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Old Saturday 14th November 2015, 21:53
defendcle defendcle is offline  
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Palm help!


I need help! I purchased this broadleaf lady palm in the summer (and btw, i am hoping to confirm this is in fact a BLP since I've only been able to identify it by picking out pics on the internet). It started off great, but someone told me not to water it too much. After it started looking a little limp, i decided to do my own research and realized this was NOT the proper care. Ive been trying to keep the soil damp ever since and i think its helping. I'm wondering if i should trim the dry looking leaves off or if i should leave them on. I find it very interest that some are half dry and half not. Also, any help in general care and advice for a total noob would be greatly appreciated!

I received the sun pot from my grandparents and they were natural green thumbs. I'd really like to see this palm flourish to carry on their legacy!


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Old Sunday 15th November 2015, 18:14
d.steeley d.steeley is offline  
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Hi Max, there could be a few reasons why your palm is looking poorly including attacks from pests & diseases, poor environmental conditions such as light, humidity, temperature, but most likely it is a water based problem. In other words either too much or too little. From my own experience I'd guess at over-watering: this is more likely when a plant is planted in a container without drainage holes. Ideally, the container will have drainage holes and if a more decorative container is wanted it should be large enough to accommodate the plant and its pot. Then, when it is watered, the plant, in its pot, can be taken out of the larger decorative container and placed outside on a patio or on a kitchen drainer and watered, I do this by filling the space between the top of the compost and the top of the pot with water and as it drains into the compost I top it up to the top of the pot again. I then leave it to drain for at least a couple of hours (or overnight) to allow all the excess water to drain out of the pot before placing it back into the decorative container. I then leave my palm alone until the surface of the compost is dry and then water it again (usually 2/3 weeks here). One way to check if it is overwatering is to remove the plant from the container and smell the compost around the roots. An unpleasant smell indicates that the roots are beginning to rot due to sitting in water.

Here is a link to our Royal Horticultural Society’s information on growing palms.

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Old Sunday 15th November 2015, 20:39
Hopeful Al Hopeful Al is offline  
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Hi Max, we have a couple of indoor Palms and my wife always removes the 'unhealthy' looking leaves. She must be doing something right as they are 6 years plus old now and still looking good. She never drenches the soil in the pot, just moist. Look, I am no expert and I am about to embark on a mission to destroy everything I am going to try and grow in my greenhouse, but my missus does a good job with her plants. Keep them moist and remove the dodgy looking leaves ����
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