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what grass seed


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Old Wednesday 6th May 2009, 10:03
thomascryer thomascryer is offline  
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what grass seed

have just taken up slabs from my back garden and broke up all the concrete hardcore now i have dug a massive hole and buried all the hardcore (on a budget didnt want to get a skip) all the soil that i dug up i have now spread all over the garden with a bit of clay here and there but not to bad.also the garden is a sun trap and gets very hot when the sun is out

question 1. do i need to flatten the soil as in roll it or do i just lightly rake it over before i put the grass seed down.

question 2. what grass seed do you recommend for this type of soil (clay ish) and it has to be hard wearing because of children and dog but want something that also looks nice and also where would you recommend to buy it thanks

was also meant to ask do i need to put compost down
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Old Monday 11th May 2009, 15:44
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A trip to the garden centre will help you. Just read the info on all the different types of grass seed they have for sale, you will soon know just what type of seed you will need. Also, the garden centre will advise you on how to create a lawn suitable for your needs, good luck.
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Old Wednesday 4th November 2009, 20:36
mohsin mohsin is offline  
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Why don't you put a net shade on the back garden. That will keep your garden a little cooler and protect your garden from direct sun rays. Your situation is quite similar as mine. I found and quite useful. You can visit them if you want to. Hope they work for you too.
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Old Thursday 5th November 2009, 16:14
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Susan C Susan C is offline  
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I don't think I would roll the lawn - I've heard it compacts the soil too much - raking would be better.
Good luck!
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Old Friday 6th August 2010, 02:59
lakercapt lakercapt is offline  
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One wag in the gardening centre told me that you should soak your seed overnight in vodka and when the grass comes up its half cut!!!!!
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Old Saturday 7th August 2010, 15:27
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peony mad peony mad is offline  
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thats lovely,will have to get OH to try it he has loads of grass to cut! perhaps he could try spraying the grass with it.
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Old Saturday 23rd June 2012, 23:18
spudlee spudlee is offline  
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Location: worthing
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I would put topsoil down lightly tread the topsoil then rake it lightly .

also try looking at meadow grasses smooth-stalked, rough stalked , wood and annual meadow grass.

hope this helps
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Old Friday 13th September 2013, 10:28
jason jason is offline  
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Location: new jersey
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Well you should explain it with more detail so that we can guide you in a good a way . According to the current condition you have just explained i think you should must flat the soil . And i recommend you Premium Shade for seed .
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Old Thursday 5th November 2015, 09:18
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OscarKane OscarKane is offline  
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If you have an ornamental or bowling-green-style lawn, you will want a 'luxury' grass seed containing a lot of fescue. Fescues are fine, bristle-like grasses that give you a very lush, densely packed baize-style lawn. It's high maintenance and will require a lot of care, including scarifying, aerating, feeding and weeding.
Oscar Kane
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