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Ant problem revisited


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Old Friday 18th December 2009, 14:24
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Ant problem revisited

Thanks to all who replied to my ant problem. I found something that works by accident.

My lawn guy kept cutting up my veggies and I was about ready to cause him physical harm and my son wanted me to not pay him!! Anyway, to sort of show him his boundaries, I put down a layer of newspaper about 4 feet wide all the way around and 12 papers thick and we put pine bark mulch on top. I only put it around one bed because he wasn't hurting the other ones. It rained and the ants boiled up out of the ground into the other two beds that didn't have the papers but didn't go near the one with the papers. The cooperative extension service here suggested that they didn't like the added moisture of the newspaper and went to "drier ground".
Many Blessings,
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Old Friday 18th December 2009, 15:15
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How interesting! No idea why it worked, but glad it did!

Where flowers bloom so does hope.
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Old Friday 1st March 2013, 16:19
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Well that tricks was awesome and i hope now he knows his boundaries. Ants blow up just because of warm atmosphere after rain becaus ethey cannot live or stay on wet places and came out for looking a dry place.
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Old Friday 14th June 2013, 06:17
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If these are fire ants it will be very dangerous but you need not to much worried about these ants how every these are fire ants of brown ants. Insect killer sprays are easily available in markets to remove these harmful insects. Ants are little but there effects are very dangerous in our skin. What you think about it share your views about it.
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Old Monday 18th April 2016, 12:51
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Great. Thanks for sharing.
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Old Tuesday 19th July 2016, 10:00
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Great info, thanks for sharing this.
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